Denmark close to tackling huge climate problem

In collaboration with dairy giants Arla, Danish researchers have developed a substance (referred to as ‘X’) that can effectively stop methane emissions from cows – a potentially massive result in the battle against climate change. “In a lab at the University of Copenhagen, we have managed to document that when this substance is added to feed, there is simply no, as in zero, methane emissions,” Mette Olafsen Nielsen, a professor at Aarhus University, said. “At Aarhus University we are now continuing our studies on live cows.” The substance has already been approved by EU’s food safety authority, EFSA, and can be added to the vitamin and mineral mixtures that go into cow feed. The product, which reduces methane emissions in cows by about a third, is expected to hit the market in 2020 or 2021.

- CPH Post -



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