Denmark has lowest share of self-employed in EU

when it comes to its workforce being self-employed. The figures showed that just 7.5 percent of employed Danish people aged 18-64 were self-employed during the fourth quarter of 2017 – which puts the Danes last behind Luxembourg, Sweden and Germany. Conversely, Denmark was top in the EU with 92.2 percent in terms of people being regular employees. Denmark also had one of the highest employment frequency rates in the EU with 74.6 percent – only Sweden, Germany, Estonia and the Netherlands performed better. The EU average was 68.1 percent. Finally, the Danes were also well ahead of the EU curve when it came to the share of the population being wage-earners with 68.7 percent. Only Sweden and Germany scored higher, and the EU average was at 58.2 percent. - Copenhagen Post -



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