Denmark must be better at selling itself to foreign talents

The biggest challenge to Denmark’s economy is the labour shortage, and business and politicians must be better at working together to promote Denmark’s qualities, Lars-Peter Søbye, chairman of the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri, DI) said at the DI Business Summit in Copenhagen. While expressing concern about the increasingly protectionist leanings of world leaders, Mr Søbye also stressed that, from a Danish perspective, there is much to celebrate. “We currently find ourselves in a situation where we have almost no unemployment in Denmark. We have more than 2.7 million employees at work in the Danish labour market – the highest rate yet,” Søbye said. “We need an explicit talent strategy that offers people attractive career opportunities. We know that there is too little knowledge of Denmark abroad, and it is therefore necessary that we become better at showing off Denmark’s strengths, both at home and abroad,” he said. - -



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