Denmark renewables generation grows 11%

The increase in renewable generation was put down to a growth in wind and biogas production, the energy ministry said using statistics from the Danish Energy Agency. As a result, renewables made up 32.3% of gross energy consumption in 2017, DEA figures showed, up from 29.1% in 2016. Actual energy consumption in Denmark marginally increased in 2017, but this masks a shift from coal and gas to renewables and oil, the DEA said. Consumption of coal and natural gas fell 21% and 5.1% respectively, while consumption of renewable energy and oil increased 10.9% and 2.9% respectively. The growth in renewables consumption was partly due to the low wind speeds experienced in 2016, which required coal to make up the shortfall. The reduction in coal and gas consumed resulted in a 5.4% year-on-year fall in CO2 emissions from energy. - Wind Power Monthly -



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