Denmark researchers use seaweed to power a car

Danish scientists recently announced they have used a seaweed fuel to power an automobile, achieving speeds of 80 kph, using a biofuel created by a Dutch company. Within Europe’s transportation sector the vast majority of renewable energy-powered solutions utilize land-based sources of biofuel. However, it requires land, fertilizer, and irrigation resources to produce these biofuels, so Europe is looking largely towards ocean-based sources of biofuel—namely algae and seaweed, which need nothing more than saltwater and sun to grow incredibly fast. Several other European firms are looking into increasing the proliferation of seaweed or algae biofuels for the EU energy sector. Norway, for instance, is plotting a similar course, with a startup called Alginor planning the creation of a bio-refinery for seaweed and algae growing in the North Sea.

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