Denmark upgrades wind turbine capacity, reduces number

An overwhelming statistical fact throws light on the evolution of wind turbines, according to the Danish Energy Agency Energistyrelsen, in charge of following up on the development of the energy and supply sectors in the country, and its survey of turbine inventory. In 2017, a total of 220 turbines were connected to the grid with a combined capacity of 373 MW, while a total 174 turbines with a total capacity of 98 MW were deactivated. It means with the added 46 turbines an overall 275 MW was produced. By the end of 2017, Denmark had a total of 6,157 turbines operational with a total capacity of 5.5 GW generating a total of 14,772 GWh of electricity. With no further technological update, and maintaining the average of 6 MW per turbine, it would mean that a total of 917 turbines would suffice to preserve 5.5 GW of capacity. It is assumed that 10 GW of total capacity will be the goal in the country, which means some 2,000 turbines is enough, or one-third of today’s number. The Green Optimistic -



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