DHL Supply Chain adds a new Volvo FL electric truck to its fleet

DHL Supply Chain is continuing its consistent implementation of the Group-wide ESG strategy. The battery-powered Volvo FL 42 R Electric truck will provide transport among DHL warehouses. The new electric truck will reduce CO2 emissions by 5 tonnes per year. 

DHL Supply Chain is adding another electric truck to its European fleet. After successful implementation in the United Kingdom, DHL Supply Chain is now adding a new truck to its Czech fleet. The new emissions-free Volvo FL 42 R Electric will provide essential transport among five warehouses in the Central Bohemian Region. DHL Supply Chain has built the necessary infrastructure for this purpose, including a charging station, at the DHL distribution centre Prologis Park Prague-Jirny.

“Yet another building block towards ‘zero emissions’ by 2050 as part of the Go Green strategy. I’m genuinely proud of our team, reducing air pollution and thus creating a greener and safer environment for everyone,” says Warren Bodley, Transport Director Central & Eastern Europe for DHL Supply Chain. 

“Transport business is changing dramatically, and sustainability is an increasingly important business advantage for many of our customers. I am glad that with the delivery of this first Volvo FL electric truck in the Czech Republic, we are opening a completely new chapter. There is no doubt that electromobility has a great future in our field and we will meet similar vehicles on our roads more and more often in the near future,” says Vladimír Sklář, Sales Manager, Volvo Trucks Czech Republic.

Electromobility is particularly useful in dense cities and on short distances. This is exactly where DHL will be using the new Volvo FL 42 R Electric with a total weight of 16.7 tonnes, which will transport goods and empty packaging for a customer of DHL Supply Chain between five warehouses in the Central Bohemian Region. The short distances between the individual warehouses mean the electric Volvo will be travelling around 45 km per day. In year-round operation, the transition to emissions-free electromobility will reduce CO2 emissions by 5 tonnes.

“Our strategy is to offer customers sustainable solutions and to discuss with them the importance of using alternative power in order to fulfil the strategy of reducing CO2 emissions,” says Peter Badáň, Transport Director Czech Republic & Slovakia, DHL Supply Chain, adding: “DHL is testing various technological innovations and is constantly looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Transport offers us a great opportunity in this regard.” 

The transition to electromobility requires very thorough preparation and investment beyond just purchasing electrically powered vehicles. “Our vehicles must always be on standby and ready to transport. This is why it was first necessary to build a charging station in our distribution centre in Jirny so that we could charge at any time and with sufficient power,” Peter Badáň explains. The new Volvo has a total battery capacity of 265 kWh. The new Alpitronic Hypercharger charging station with a power output of 75 kW will provide fast charging.

As part of its Go Green strategy, DHL Supply Chain implements various solutions to reduce emissions and environmental impact. Hence vehicles with alternative propulsion, especially CNG and LNG, are being increasingly used in the fleet of this leading contractual logistics services provider. Solar panels also contribute to reducing emissions and making vehicles more efficient. After commencing the operation of an electric vehicle for a major customer, DHL Supply Chain expects to further expand its fleet of emission-free trucks.

Service and repairs are provided through a Volvo Gold Service Contract and the vehicle is financed by Volvo Financial Services.


Specifications of the VOLVO FL 42 R ELECTRIC:

Total weight: 16.7 t

Components: 4 Lithium-ion traction batteries, 265 kWh (BOL), 600 V

NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) cells

Electric Motor output: 130 kW constant / 185 kW max., maximum torque: 425 Nm

Range: in distribution mode approx. 230 km depending on operating conditions

Regenerative engine braking

Gearbox with 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear

Set of spoilers

Cruise control on the steering wheel

Air conditioning

Air suspension for the front and rear axles

LED lighting


Front Collision Warning system with Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Braking

Lane Keeping Support (LKS)

The vehicle is equipped with the Volvo Connect online system.

Truck body: Marmont

Ferrofoam box body, which excels in high strength and long life.

Dhollandia DH-SM.15 hydraulic tail lift


September 6, 2021

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