Direct People, the innovation company, has entered the Polish market.

Direct People, the innovation company, has entered the Polish market. And it’s preparing to enter other markets in Central and Eastern Europe, too!

Direct People, the first innovation company in the Czech Republic, is expanding. It entered the Polish market two months ago and is getting ready to enter another two markets. In these new places of operation, it helps its clients with jump-starting projects that have been successfully established elsewhere, as well as with brand-new concepts. It also focuses on solely local projects.

The branch of Direct People in Warsaw was opened this September and is headed by Piotr Nejman, an experienced innovation consultant. At the moment, the company is working on four projects and more are coming. Among other things, the company has worked on projects for Dr. Max and many more its clients are interested in assistance with their activities in the Polish market. Therefore, Direct People expects that the Polish branch, counting six employees at the moment, is going to grow very fast.

However, Poland is not the only country of Direct People’s interest. The company has been working hard to enter the Slovak and Austrian market and it has been screening the potential of other countries as well. The entry to other markets and the purchase of 50 % share in the IT company of Viable One this May are its growth activities which should contribute to its year-on-year turnover doubling in 2018.



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