DSV Czech Republic has opened a new head office with a unique cross-docking terminal near Pavlov

An investment of CZK 500 million has created a modern logistics centre with a unique cross-docking terminal. This building, used for short-term storage of shipments, is exceptional in that it has a span of 45 meters without a single column. Shipments from all over Europe and overseas pass through the terminal. "" The new DSV complex at Exit 7 from highway D6 includes a 13,000 m2 warehouse, a 7,000 m2 cross-docking terminal and office spaces. In just one month, we were able to move our operations from three former locations: the DSV Road Division was originally in Dobrovíz, the DSV Air & Sea Division in Ruzyně and the logistics warehouse was in Horní Počernice. The new headquarters currently employs 270 employees. “I consider the exceptional cross-docking terminal as a real jewel, as it maximizes the operating efficiency and safety of workers. In layman’s terms, there is actually nothing to run into inside. Thanks to this, we will be able to achieve a smooth flow of shipments,” explains Petr Chocholatý, MD, DSV Road, Czech Republic. "" ”It makes a lot of sense to have all our divisions under the same roof. With the acquisition of UTI, it made even more sense, so both new and old colleagues could work together across our divisions. Also, being so close to the airport allows us to still be “hands on,” says Mikael Kjeldgaard, MD, DSV Air & Sea, Czech Republic. The DSV logistics centre near Pavlov boasts an array of advanced technologies that save time and money for transporters and end customers. With its advanced IT equipment, the overview of the flow of shipments is more accurate and minimizes the use of paper. The storage system also includes “Pick by Voice” technology, which allows preparation of goods to be controlled via voice commands. ""



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