Electric Car sales off the charts in Norway

Sales of electric cars increased by almost 40 per cent last year, and the most popular car model in Norway is, for the first time in ten years, not Volkswagen Golf. Instead, the electric car Nissan Leaf sold like hotcakes by the car dealers. This appears from fresh figures from the Norwegian Traffic Information Agency (OFV). In total, zero emission cars and rechargeable hybrid cars accounted for 49.1 per cent of new car sales last year. If imported used cars are included, the share ends up at almost 52 per cent. The sharp increase in electric car sales is not unequivocally positive. A potential problem in the future may be that manufacturers simply cannot produce enough cars to meet the demand. The forecast for 2019 is that almost half of the cars that will be sold in Norway will be electric cars, used car sales excluded. At the same time, 40,000 are already on waiting lists, and there may soon be more when additional waiting lists are made available. - Norway Today -



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