Ericsson: 5G will bring CZK 130bn to economy

(ČIA) The expansion of 5G will cause a growth in the Czech industry by CZK 59.4bn by 2025. The information was provided by Ericsson. A net benefit to the sector after deduction of technology implementation costs could reach CZK 41.1bn. A net growth caused by the introduction of 5G in the Czech economy will likely reach CZK 130bn, which is almost four times the implementation costs. The 5G technology will interconnect the entire factory and cover all its needs by only one, highly adaptable network. It will thus become the spine of the Industry 4.0. For example, an engineer will be able to connect remotely with a handyman equipped with glasses with augmented reality (AR) technology during repairs. They will not have to go into the field at all.



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