ERÚ: Regulated electricity prices to drop 17%

(CIANEWS) - The Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) has published pricing decisions for the power industry and gas industry, through which it annually sets the amount of regulated energy components for the year to come. In the case of households and small-volume customers, the regulated component of the electricity price will drop by 16.7% on average. The specific change will be derived from the distribution tariff and area. The highest decrease in regulated payments – 18.1% – will occur in the territory of PREdistribuce. Regulated prices will drop 17% with ČEZ Distribuce and 15.4% with EG.D. In 2023, the regulated component of the gas price will grow by 1.7% on average for households. The highest increase – of 6.8% - will occur in the territory of Pražská plynárenská Distribuce. The regulated component will grow by 0.7% with GasNet and 0.5% with EG.D. The regulated component will also be higher for medium- and large-volume customers. The average increase across distribution areas will be at 1.8%.



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