Europe's first underwater restaurant offers views of the seabed

Appropriately named Under, the building is part-sunk into the sea and is encased in a concrete shell designed to withstand the harsh conditions on the seabed of Norway's rugged southern coast. Likened by Snøhetta to a sunken periscope, the 34 m long restaurant was built atop a barge a short distance from where it now rests in what sounds like an impressive work of engineering. The 600 sq m building sports 1 m thick concrete walls that are designed to withstand a "100-year wave." In the restaurant at the bottom, a large panoramic acrylic window enables diners to gaze at the ocean floor at a depth of 5 m below the water's surface. In addition to serving as a restaurant, Under will host marine research. The aim is to use cameras and other instruments installed on its facade to collect data that can be used to monitor the population of marine life. - New Atlas -



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