Export prices up 7.5%, import prices up 9.9%

(ČIA) In October 2021, export prices grew 7.5% y/y and were 12.7% higher after adjustments for the influence of the exchange rate. The 14.5% increase in the prices of semi-finished products (mainly iron, steel, metal and wooden products) had a decisive impact on the development of the entire index, according to the information provided by the Czech Statistical Office. Import prices were 9.9% higher (15.1% higher after adjustments). Terms of trade dropped to 97.8% (98.8% in September). The lowest value of terms of trade was recorded by mineral fuels (91.3%). In month-on-month terms, export prices grew 1.5%, and import prices were 2.6% higher. Terms of trade dropped from 99.5% to 98.9%.



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