Finland announces new leave plan

Finland has announced a new parental leave plan giving fathers the same amount of time off as mothers. The new policy is set to be in effect as early as 2021. Finland’s current policy provides a paid 128-day leave for mothers and a paid 67-day leave for fathers with an allowance adjusted to the parent’s annual income.  Under the new system, both parents will receive 164 days of leave with an additional month’s pay given to pregnant mothers. Parents will be able to transfer up to 69 days from their leave to the other parent. Single parents will be provided with 328 days, therefore eligible for the same aid as a two-parent household. Finland’s new policy passed only a few months after the election of new Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the world’s youngest prime minister. Marin introduced the reform as a means to promote gender equality and inclusivity for same-sex couples while removing gender-specific benefits from Finnish legislation.

- The Xavier Newswire -



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