Finland may abandon the use of coal-fired power plant by 2025

According to the Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Kimmo Tiilikainen, the government plans to clarify whether it could stop using coal in the country as early as 2025. According to Mr Tiilikainen, the coal can be replaced with natural gas, which produces 60% less harmful substances in the atmosphere. The Finnish Energy Industry Association does not share the aspirations of the government and is on the opinion that the denial of coal is unnecessary and expensive. The Finland’s coal-fired power plants account for just over 8% of the energy produced. About 20.5% of the electricity used in Finland is imported and 25.9% is produced by nuclear power plants in the country. Nearly 20% of the country’s energy comes from hydropower plants, about 12% of biofuels, and 7.4% of natural gas. - Finance Apprise -



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