Finland's Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilion to resemble a tent made of snow

Finland has unveiled its pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai which is inspired by the snow that covers the country’s landscape in winter. The building, which has been named Snow Cape, is designed to resemble a white tent made of snow. Snow Cape will focus on the themes of nature, innovation and sustainability. “Within the complex and visually noisy Expo environment, Finland Pavilion offers clarity and serenity,” a statement from Expo 2020 Dubai read. Finnish components and materials played an important role in the design of the pavilion, which will feature a large wooden space, called Gorge, carved into the middle of the building. “This offers Expo visitors a pleasantly cool and shady retreat. The Gorge also relates to the unique Finnish history of innovation, which often requires thinking outside of the box and an element of surprise,” the statement said. The pavilion will be built by a team of five companies, including a Finnish architecture group and Swiss construction company. - The National -



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