Finland to prohibit energy use of coal on 1 May 2029

One of the proposals would promote the use of biofuels in transport and that of biogas-fuels in heating and manufacturing. The other, in turn, would prohibit the use of coal for energy production as of 1 May 2029. Finland has adopted the objective of gradually phasing out the use of fossil fuels for energy production and moving towards an entirely emissions-free energy system. Prohibiting the energy use of coal is the first step on this journey. The government highlights that the use of coal for energy production is already decreasing steadily. Prohibiting the energy use of coal altogether, it estimates, would have a major cost impact particularly on the district heating networks of Helsinki and Vaasa, where it would require that investment in replacement technologies are brought forward. The rest of coal-fired energy plants are to be replaced by 2030. - -



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