Foreign trade surplus at CZK 15.9bn, car exports up

(CIANEWS) - Foreign trade balance in goods at current prices ended in March 2023 with a surplus of CZK 15.9bn according to preliminary data, up CZK 28.1bn y/y. The overall balance was favourably influenced by a higher surplus on trade in motor vehicles by CZK 18.9bn (exports + CZK 31.4bn). The deficit on trade in oil and gas narrowed by CZK 10.8bn. The Czech Statistical Office reported that the balance with EU countries improved by CZK 18.8bn and the deficit with non-EU countries narrowed by CZK 9.0bn. Exports rose by 7.7% y/y to CZK 416.8bn and imports by 0.4% to CZK 400.9bn. On a month-on-month adjusted basis, exports fell by 0.3% and imports by 0.6%. In Q1 23, the balance surplus amounted to CZK 39.6bn y/y with a deficit of CZK 12.0bn. Exports grew by 9.7% and imports by 4.8%.



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