Foreign trade surplus increased to CZK 32.2bn

(ČIA) According to preliminary data, the balance of foreign trade in goods at current prices ended in November 2020 with a surplus of CZK 32.2bn, which was CZK 20.0bn higher year-on-year. The Czech Statistical Office informed about this, stating that the balance with the EU27 ended with a surplus of CZK 81.8bn (+ CZK 25.3bn). The trade deficit with non-EU countries increased by CZK 5.1bn to CZK 47.8bn. Month-on-month, after adjustment, exports stagnated, while imports increased by 0.6 %. Year-on-year, exports increased by 8.1 % to CZK 353.2bn and imports by 2.1 % to CZK 321.0bn. In January to November 2020, the balance surplus reached CZK 172.0bn (+ CZK 18.1bn). Exports fell by 6.2 % and imports by 7.1 %.



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