Google Pay now officially available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Google Pay in the Scandinavian states of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden is now officially available, opening up the service to millions within the Nordic nations who previously only had access to Apple Pay for mobile payments. Google’s chief of commerce partnerships in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Florence Diss, expects that half of Norway will use the service within the next 12 months. The statistics agree with this view, as over 200,000 Norwegians currently use contactless payments every day, and enabling Google Pay will open up the option to over 50% of all mobile users within the country. The addition of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden means that Google Pay is now available in 25 countries around the globe. Whilst this is great for mainland Scandinavians, there is no word yet on when Iceland will get official support for the service. - -



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