Govt approves economy support program

(ČIA) The government approved the COVID III program. The state will gradually release 150bn into these selected guarantees. CZK. Self-employed people and companies with up to 250 workers receive a 90% guarantee, a company with 250 to 500 employees who support an 80% guarantee. The ministers also supported the easing of the border regime from May 26, 2020. The cabinet also approved a bill on compensation for recipients of health services. Direct compensation should total ca. CZK 27bn plus CZK 5bn for the care for COVID-19 patients. In the COVID rent program, ministers approved a contribution of half of the payment for commercial rent with entrepreneurs with forcibly closed establishments. The maximum amount of support will be CZK 10m for the period from April to June. The government also raised the allocation of the Czech Rise Up 2.0 program by CZK 100m. The allocation of nursing allowances for the self-employed will increase to CZK 2.5bn.



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