Govt expanded Antivirus, approved tax package

(ČIA) Prime Minister Andrej Babiš‘s (ANO) government approved an anti-crisis tax package on May 25, 2020. Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (for ANO) said that VAT on accommodation and tickets for culture and sporting events would fall to 10% from the current 15%. The draft also includes a 25% reduction in road tax for trucks over 3.5 tonnes. The government also supported the so-called Loss Carryback, which will allow entrepreneurs to repay a possible tax loss for 2020 retrospectively in an additional tax return for 2019 and 2018. In addition, the cabinet also approved the extension of the Antivirus short-term work program. This is the so-called regime C, i.e. the waiver of payments of social security contributions for companies with up to 50 employees.



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