Govt plans to lift restrictions in five steps until June 8

(ČIA) Czech government plans to lift the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 disease in five waves. From April 20, crafts, farmers' markets, car showrooms and outdoor training activities will be permitted. From April 27, shops sized up to 200 m2 will follow, unless they are in shopping centres sized over 5,000 m2. From May 11 establishments sized up to 1,000 m2 (outside shopping centres), will open, together with driving schools and fitness centre. They will be followed by restaurants on May 25, through window sales or in beer gardens, hairdresser’s and other beauty services, museums, galleries and zoos. In the last wave, restrictions will be abolished for all business premises in shopping centres as well as for business premises over 1,000 not located in shopping centres. Restrictions will no longer apply to restaurants, hotels, taxis, theatres or mass events with a defined number of participants.



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