Has Iceland's tourism bubble finally burst?

Last year the island counted 2.1 million tourists through its doors, a figure it had not anticipated reaching until 2020. In 2010 just 459,000 people visited Iceland. The unchecked growth in the number of people visiting a country with a population of just 334,000 has already sparked concern that Icelandic infrastructure would not cope. However, after a 40 per cent rise in arrivals in 2016, growth has fallen to around 10 per cent. Iceland’s Arion Bank has published its forecast for the next two years, estimating seven per cent growth this year and just five per cent in 2019. Clive Stacey, managing director of independent travel specialist Discover the World says the country’s reputation for being “somewhat overrun” has put people off. “The slow-down is partly due to the fact that the place is getting a reputation for being a little bit crowded, but that doesn’t mean that it is,” he said. - The Telegraph -



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