Helsinki develops reputation as next startup hub

The article points out that with over 500 established startups, Helsinki is developing a reputation that extends beyond its vibrant games ecosystem. According to Marjo Ilmari, director of the startup program at Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, the tidal wave of success enjoyed by Rovio and Supercell is “paving the way for other companies from areas such as health tech, Internet of Things and ed tech.” The growth of the startup scene is also attributable to educated people and a stable business environment. Alongside Helsinki’s livability and reasonable rent, the city’s location on the cusp of Europe and Russia ensures it is seen as a viable middle ground between vastly different cultures. The city is also popular among US companies that want to develop a bridge to Europe. Pekka Koskinen, CEO and founder of LeadFeeder adds that Finland as a market is very small, so companies should already in the beginning concentrate on international markets. (Good News From Finland)



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