Helsinki pioneers smart city solutions

The cuts will be realised with commercial-scale smart solutions for buildings, mobility and urban infrastructure. Mikko Martikka, mySMARTLife Helsinki Lighthouse lead, points out that urban solutions are key to climate action as cities produce 70 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Helsinki’s plans also include an autonomous bus line for regular service and offering data produced by new technologies as open data. The new Kalasatama area under construction on former harbour and industrial land, designated as a smart city development platform, is the site for pilot projects developing solutions for new construction. In adjacent Suvilahti, the Helsinki energy company Helen is developing combinations of solar power production and energy storage to reduce peak demand, and electric car charging. Energy-efficiency upgrades for older residential buildings are being developed with retrofits in the 1970s apartment buildings of the Merihaka district. - Smart cities word -



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