HK ČR calls on govt to support restaurants and theatres

(ČIA) The Czech Chamber of Commerce (HK ČR) called on the government to renew support programs with new emergency measures against the spread of coronavirus to prevent massive staff layoffs. Assistance should go to preventively closed sectors (theatres, cinemas, sports grounds) and to sectors with significantly limited business opportunities (catering facilities). Regardless of the effectiveness of the new short-time work, in the event of a state of emergency and extraordinary measures, if they are still in force after October 31, 2020, Antivirus Mode A must continue. HK ČR also supports the opening of the law on the compensatory bonus for self-employed persons or the creation of a modification of the COVID program - rent. The President of the Confederation of Trade and Tourism of the Czech Republic (SOCR CR) Tomáš Prouza called on the government to explain why it restricts the functioning of restaurants and cultural facilities when these are less risky areas from the point of view of coronavirus spread.



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