HK ČR: Energy supply stability priority for 39% of firms

(CIANEWS) - Households consider affordable energy prices (41%) and energy supply safety and stability (31%) to be the main priority of the state energy concept. The most important aspects for firms are energy supply safety and stability (39%) and only then the prices (24%). This result stems from an IBRS poll conducted for the Czech Chamber of Commerce (HK ČR). In connection with the conflict in Ukraine, four-fifths of households and 87% of companies are in favour of extending the lifecycle of coal-fired power plants. A total of 4% of households and 3% of firms consider decarbonisation and support of renewable energy sources a priority. HK ČR president Vladimír Dlouhý perceives the poll results as a strong message to the government to focus on in its next steps and measures as well as during negotiations with the EU.



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