HK: Slovakia the productivity leader in V4 ahead of CR

(CIANEWS) - Real labor productivity in the Czech Republic has increased by 85 % since the division of Czechoslovakia. By an average of 2.4 % per year. It is currently in second place among the countries of the Visegrad Group. The analyses of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic also show that in 1993 the Czech Republic achieved the highest productivity, since 2010 Slovaks have been more efficient. The Poles overtook the Hungarians in 2016, and currently Polish labor productivity is already approaching that of the Czech Republic. President Vladimír Dlouhý said that an increase in living standards and wages can be achieved by companies investing in more powerful machines, focusing on innovation and production with high added value, but also by changing the organization of work. At the enterprise level, labor productivity can be increased by up to 20 % just by targeting rewards.



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