HK wants to end yearly signing of payer declaration

(CIANEWS) - The Chamber of Commerce (HK) of the Czech Republic proposes to end the annual signing of the "pink paper". Employees would no longer have to sign the taxpayer's declaration for income tax every year, but only when starting a job or when decisive facts change. The chamber proposes to abolish the annual filling in of the aforementioned document as one of four hundred partial changes leading to a reduction of the excessive administrative burden on entrepreneurs. According to the ideas of entrepreneurs and companies, 114 specific provisions in 41 legal regulations should be changed. In the package of changes, the Chamber of Commerce proposes, for example, to abolish the keeping of a logbook in the case of an employee's use of a vehicle for private purposes, to extend the principle of self-scheduling of working hours by the employee, to shorten the archiving periods of mandatory archived documents, or to merge the forms related to the Water Act. The association has already addressed these proposals to the Office of the Government.



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