How does the cost of living in Sweden compare to the rest of Europe?

The Scandinavian country has a reputation for high prices, but new EU data shows that in some areas you can get a very good deal in Sweden. Eurostat produced an interactive comparison site so users can get a rough idea of which countries in Europe and the EEA are more expensive than others in terms of the consumer costs of various products. Overall, Sweden was ranked eighth out of the 31 countries for cost of living, with a price level index (PLI) of 119 percent the EU average. Sweden was the Nordic country with the lowest cost of living according to the new data: Iceland was top of the rankings, with a PLI of 156, while Norway and Denmark took the third and fourth spots with 148 and 138 respectively. Finland also had a higher index than Sweden, at 123. Sweden was the ninth priciest country in the survey for food, with its prices 18 percent higher than the EU-wide average. Prices in the other Nordic countries were even higher: 61.4 percent above average in Norway, 49.8 percent above average in Iceland, 30.3 percent above average in Denmark, and 19.3 percent above average in Finland.

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