Iceland continues to increase in popularity as a travel destination: 6% increase in 2018

For several years many in Iceland have speculated whether the popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination was just a passing fad, which would mean the tourism industry was little better than a bubble. It is still too early to tell how the industry fares, but one thing is certain: The popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination has continued to increase. More people visited Iceland during the first 11 months of this year than all of 2017, which held previous record. More people visited Iceland in November 2018, in the middle of winter with its short daylight and fierce winter storms, than visited in the middle of summer 2015: 137,000 travellers visited Iceland in June 2015 compared to 150.000 last November. However, the growth in the number of foreign visitors has slowed, which is by most accounts good. Local TV station Stöð 2 reports that the increase in visitor numbers in 2018 over 2017 is projected to be 5.8%. - Iceland Magazine -



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