Iceland tops list of most expensive Airbnb prices in Europe

According to data compiled by Vouchercloud, Iceland has the highest rates for Airbnb accommodation, averaging £112 per night. This surpasses second-place contenders Sweden (£82 per night) and Andorra (£79 per night). Airbnb has been having considerable impact on Iceland’s tourism industry and the country as a whole. As previously reported, in downtown Reykjavík, anywhere from 50% to 75% of available housing is comprised of Airbnb accommodations. The vast majority of Airbnb postings are not for single rooms, either: they comprise entire households. This has been affecting the rental market, as available housing for locals becomes scarcer, making it increasingly expensive to live in Reykjavík. Further, as Icelandic law puts a cap on how much Airbnb hosts can charge for a single night, hotels must underbid these listings in order to compete, adding further pressure. The Reykjavík Grapevine



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