IKEA pop-up store to open in Prague centre

A temporary pop-up store selling living rooms will be located on Wenceslas Square. The costs of the initiative are expected to reach 15 million crowns. The main aim of the pop-up store is to reach out to new customers, since the company’s regular stores are located on the outskirts of Prague and may be difficult to reach for people who don’t have a car. IKEA expects around 1,000 customers to visit their studio each day, which is about one tenth of the visitor numbers in the brand’s regular stores. “People have more money but less time today. This is why we want to get closer to them and occupy sites in city centres,” Marek Feltl, general director of IKEA Czech Republic said. Last year, IKEA Czech Republic posted a turnover of 9.7 billion crowns, which is a four percent increase on the previous year. - Český rozhlas -



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