Imitate Vaxjo? As heat rises, Swedish city goes green - and thrives

Vaxjo's power plant runs on biomass from timber. In winter, snow ploughs clear bicycle paths before roads to discourage cars, and political parties all back a target of making the city fossil-fuel free by 2030 to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from oil, natural gas and coal. Per capita, Vaxjo says carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by 58 percent from 1993-2016, to 1.9 tonnes from 4.5, while local gross domestic product (GDP) rose 32 percent from 1993-2014, according to the latest available figures. Vaxjo aims to eliminate carbon emissions from fossil fuels by 2030. Sweden as a whole has also cut emissions while sustaining strong economic growth. The country tops international environmental rankings and imposes the world's highest carbon tax, of up to 137 euros a tonne. - EuroNews -



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