In May 2019 plug-in EV car sales in Norway increased by 10.6%

Official registration stats indicate 6,096 new plug-in cars, which is 10.6% more than a year ago at 46.5% market share. The sales are not increasing as much as it used to in the past because of the plug-in hybrid collapse noting 11 months of consecutive significant decrease. It seems that Tesla Model 3 is well in the lead this year in Norway with 7,548 registrations (12.0% of all). In May, an additional 705 new Model 3 were registered, which also is one of the highest (comparable to Volkswagen e-Golf/Golf). Overall, the Tesla brand is #1 in Norway with 1,010 registrations for the month and 8,845 for the year. Great results were noted also by the Audi e-tron (530) and Jaguar I-PACE (510). - InsideEVs -



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