Inflation accelerated to 16 % primarily by housing

(CIANEWS) - Consumer prices rose 16.2 % y/y in November 2022, up 1.1 pp from October. According to the Czech Statistical Office, this acceleration was mainly influenced by prices in the housing sector, where last year's zero VAT was partly reflected in the prices of electricity and natural gas. Electricity prices were 23.4 % lower (down 38.2 % in October) due to government austerity measures. Natural gas prices accelerated their growth to 139.0 % (+85.3 % in October). On the contrary, in the transport section, the growth of car prices slowed to 12.7 % (+14.4 % in October) and fuel and oil prices to 14.5 % (+21.7 % in October). Month-on-month inflation reached 1.2 %.



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