Inflation accelerates to 17.5%; solid fuels up by 58%

(CIANEWS) - Consumer prices rose by 17.5% y/y in January 2023, 1.7 bp higher than in December 2022. The acceleration was mainly driven by prices in the housing section, according to the Czech Statistical Office. Electricity prices went from a 21.2% fall in December to a 36.4% rise. Water prices accelerated the pace to 16.3%, sewerage to 30.3%, and heat and hot water to 44.7%. Natural gas prices moderated their rise to 87.0% from 140.2%. Residential rental prices rose 6.1% and solid fuel prices rose 58.1%. Rice rose by 35.1%, flour by 44.2%, pork by 36.8%, eggs by 85.0%, oils and fats by 31.5% and sugar by 84.7%. Prices of food (+23.8%) and accommodation services (+19.9%) were higher. Month-on-month inflation was 6.0%.



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