Is Sweden's gaming industry running out of workers?

In 2017, the number of gaming companies and employees in Sweden increased by almost a quarter in total compared to the previous year, according to a review from industry organization Dataspelsbranschen. In the same year, 1,000 new jobs were created, and a further increase is predicted. But such speedy growth means that without the right talent to fill those gaps, the industry risks stagnation. Swedish companies have a good reputation in the gaming industry – but it can be tough getting people to move here, both on the personal level in terms of persuading people to relocate from their home and on the practical level of sorting out the paperwork. Many of the experts the gaming industry relies on come from outside the EU, including countries such as India and the USA. Non-EU workers need to renew their permit every few years, and even a small mistake made by their employers can lead to professionals being deported back into their countries of origin. - -



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