J. Síkela: Gas consumption down almost 15 % on last year

(CIANEWS) - This year's 46th week of the year was the coldest in at least the last three years. Nevertheless, gas consumption in the Czech Republic fell by almost 15 % compared to last year. Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Síkela (STAN) stated this, saying that compared to 2020, consumption is 19 % lower. The goal of achieving a total of 800 million m3 of savings in the period from October 2022 to the end of March 2023 has already been almost half met by the Czech Republic. Consumption in this period is still 26 % lower than last year. J. Síkela added that, despite the low temperatures, the reservoirs are still almost 99 % full and stocks are 13 % higher than the average of the previous three years.



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