Kuopio launches Finland's first fleet of electric city bikes

Czech bike sharing firm Homeport has delivered 170 bright-yellow dockless e-bikes to the city. As of 1 May, 150 of them will become available for public use, with 20 to be kept in reserve. Some locals have already had a chance to test the shared bikes before the official start of the programme and initial reviews have been glowing. Students say the two-wheelers are ideal for getting around in the hilly city, especially between the city centre and the university campus in Savilahti. Users of the 37-kilo bikes get an extra boost from the electric motor as needed, up to a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. Using the bike requires the use of a smartphone app. It shows where bikes are available and makes them impossible to use illegally. “We expect each bike to be used an average of 2.5 times a day, with revenues of 40,000-50,000 euros annually. However, lots of people have been asking about them, so usage may be higher," says city project manager Jouni Huhtinen. - Yle -



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