Lesikar, the czech company, operates business and marketing unit from Sweden

It operates a development centre in Tábor and a manufacturing plant in Kaplice, the Czech Republic. However, its business and marketing unit is located in the city of Boras in Sweden. With truck makers Iveco and Scania among Lesikar’s customers, the company’s net turnover stood at CZK 30.7 million last year. Statutory director Jana Lešikarová says that moving the business and marketing unit to Sweden was one of the best decisions the company has ever made. In the beginning, the company obtained support from the Swedish Ministry of Transport, which helped it obtain type approval for its products. “The business environment is very friendly”, Ms Lešikarová says, pointing to a proactive approach of Swedish authorities. Her brother, Jakub Lešikar, participated at the Chamber's seminar Innovation & Technologies, where he took attention of all participants by declaring that their company is still alive even though they suffered several clinical deaths :-) - -



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