M. Kupka: EURO 7 standard is unacceptable in current form

(CIANEWS) - The Czech Republic will push for a postponement of the proposed EURO7 standard so that the automotive industry has the opportunity to prepare for any implementing regulations. Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) said this after a joint informal Council of Transport and Energy Ministers in Stockholm, adding that the standard is unacceptable for the Czech Republic in its current form. The Czech Ministry of Transport further informed that according to the data of the Association of the Automotive Industry, up to 50,000 employees in the automotive sector in the Czech Republic could lose their jobs in 2025 due to the introduction of the EURO 7 standard. An important topic of the Stockholm meeting was improving coordination between transport and energy policy. The Czech Republic plans to invest up to CZK 1bn in the next few years in the construction of publicly accessible hydrogen filling stations under the Transport 3 Operational Programme.



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