M. Zeman to hold talks with A. Babiš and P. Fiala online

(ČIA) Since November 4, 2021, President M. Zeman has been hospitalised in a regular room of the rehabilitation ward of the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in accordance with the development of his health condition. The President’s office informed that the President had instructed it to prepare draft decisions on accepting the resignation of the government and entrusting the government with the performance of its functions according to the Constitution of the Czech Republic, pending the establishment of a new government. Further steps are being planned in view of the current epidemiological situation and measures in force at the UVN. An encrypted videoconferencing system will be used in cooperation with the hospital. The President will be in contact with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) on November 5, and the day after he will hold talks with ODS chairman Petr Fiala via videoconference.



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