Mentoring Exchange Interview with KONE

Interview with Mr. Danilo De Rossi, Managing Director and Ms. Ida Ročňáková, HR Director from KONE Czech Republic and Slovakia about their idea of Mentoring Exchange

Danilo, how you came up with the idea of Mentoring Exchange?

At KONE we value diversity and inclusiveness and these are values which we share with other Nordic companies . We believe that innovation comes from being exposed to different practices in different industries. Although industries might differ, we believe that fundamentals like the ability to serve Customers and the development of talented People are common and critical to succeed, and initiatives like this are able to create new knowledge and help to bring us to next level.

Ida, to whom is this project addressed and who will benefit from such activity.

This project should address high potential middle and senior managers that are recently appointed to new role or position. They would appreciate an advice from senior manager from other company to get wider perspective and get another point of view.

Danilo, why did you approach the Nordic Chamber of Commerce to the project?

We believe that the Chamber is placed in the best position to promote such an important activity and can have a central role as a promoter by favoring an exchange of experiences across his members, that consist of many leading global company that have industry leading achievement on the global stage.

Ida, w
hat you expect as result from this project?

That we will be able to strengthen an OUTSIDE-IN approach fostering innovation and bring fresh ideas across different industry segments, favoring collaboration and apply best practices from different industries from customer perspective.

Ida, h
ow long do you plan to run mentoring exchange activity?

Based on our experience we believe that the program 
should be run for 1 year with a clear kick off and a closing session, to establish the mentor and mentee collaboration.   In 2018 we will start with a pilot program and we would collect the feedback from the participants to develop this project further on in upcoming years.

Danilo, what are the next steps?

We have already seen an enthusiastic response from several Nordic companies  to whom we are very grateful for their support

We hope that we will continue to receive the support during 2018 to pilot the program ancontinue in the years to come through the Nordic chamber facilitation.



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