MF proposes budget for 2022 with CZK 376.6bn deficit

(ČIA) The Ministry of Finance (MF) has submitted to the government a draft law on the state budget for 2022. The projected deficit is to be CZK 376.6bn, i.e. CZK 123.4bn lower year-on-year. The better economic result will be achieved due to an increase in revenues by CZK 157.7bn, especially tax revenues (CZK 65.2bn), higher insurance premium collections (CZK 21.3bn) and higher EU revenues (CZK 60.9bn). The volume of planned investments will also increase to CZK 218bn. Expenditure on health care will increase by CZK 13.9bn. Finance Minister Alena Schillerová (ANO) informed that the Ministry of Defence will receive CZK 7.3bn more. 200 employees will leave the Ministry of Finance and 187 employees related to the census project will leave the Czech Statistical Office. The approved proposal foresees a further annual increase in spending on science and research by CZK 800m to CZK 48.5bn.  



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