MPSV: 107,000 firms used social security waivers

(ČIA) The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MPSV) paid CZK 16.44bn in the Antivirus program in March to June 2020 in the A + B regime. In the C regime, the ministry supported 107,000 companies with CZK 4.2bn in June 2020. The waiver of social security contributions concerned 735,000 employees of companies with up to 50,000 employees. Most employees were supported in Prague (410,200). Prague was followed by Central Bohemia (244,500), Moravia-Silesia (174,560), South Moravia (134.28 thousand), Liberec Region (97,550), Ústí nad Labem Region (95,610), Plzeň Region (91,120), Zlín Region (88,280), Hradec Králové Region (78,950), South Bohemia Region (78,510), Olomouc Region (73,640), Vysočina Region (71,2600) , Pardubice Region (59,630) and Karlovy Vary Region (43,070). The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs a premium shortfall in three months of up to CZK 13.5bn.



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