New NIBE product awarded ‘Top Product of Infotherma 2019 Exhibitors’ prize

A new product of the NIBE (DZ Dražice) Energy Systems CZ company was awarded the ‘Top Product of Infotherma 2019 Exhibitors’ prize. The company presented its new accessory EME 20, enabling smart interconnection of heat pumps and photovoltaic panels without costly control systems. EME 20 serves for the control and communication between the photovoltaic panel invertor and the heat pump, internal system unit VVM or regulator SMO 20/40. However, it can also secure uninterrupted monitoring of the output performance of the photovoltaic system. “The entire system is connected to an electric meter measuring the consumption of all electric appliances in a household with the exception of the heat pump, providing information on the current performance of photovoltaic panels and household consumption to the SMO 20/40 control module. Excess power can be used by the thermal pump for water cooling or heating,” says Jiří Sedláček, NIBE Energy Systems CZ sales director. - -



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