New wind turbines for old – they’ll be larger but far fewer are required

At present, Denmark has 4,200 onshore wind turbines. The energy and climate minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, stated that 3,300 of these turbines could be removed if they were replaced by larger, modern turbines – with no drop in energy production. Half of the present turbines will be ripe for replacement before 2030, but because the present system of subsidies stops next year, the changeover process has stalled. Because of this, electric companies are holding back from investing in new clean energy technology for as much as 5 billion kroner – especially in Jutland. Onshore turbines provide the cheapest form of renewable energy; however, the new 3.3 megawatt turbines are 130-150 metres tall and will certainly be seen as an eyesore by some. (Copenhagen Post)



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